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About the KoNECT Collaboration Center

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One-Stop Shop for clinical trial planning, accelerating the smooth and efficient conduct of clinical trials in Korea

An Open Community for networking and business partnering between different parties involved in the field of clinical research

A Flagship Store experiencing capabilities of the Korean clinical trial industry

With the support of the Korean government, KoNECT established and opened the KoNECT Collaboration Center (KCC) on September 1, 2015, in order to fulfill the growing needs of the global clinical trial industry. KoNECT understand that the needs of global sponsors conducting new clinical trials are very complex, and aim to achieve new heights of success by strengthening global collaboration and innovation. Hence, our mission is to provide outstanding services and information to fulfill these needs, and enhance the feasibility of conducting clinical trials in the country. Major services and features of the KoNECT Collaboration Center include,

- KIIS (KoNECT Integrated clinical trial Information System)
- One-Stop Shop for clinical trial planning (including matching with recommended partners)
- Business Center and Administrative Support
- Korean Clinical Trial Interactive Gallery
- Liaison with Clinical Trial Networks

KCC is a support hub open to all sponsors who are interested in working with Korean sites and partners for faster, high-quality clinical trials for regional and global regulatory approval.

KIIS (KoNECT Integrated Clinical Trials Information System)

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Reliable and relevant information is essential for selecting the right country, clinical trial site, and investigators during for every clinical trial. KoNECT endeavors to support local and international partners by providing all the up-to-date information needed for the smooth planning and conduct of clinical trials in Korea.

KIIS is an integrated database system that stores essential information on Korea’s clinical trial industry relevant for companies and sponsors. Access to KIIS can be authorized after a consultation discussing the specific needs of each sponsor.

Membership registration as an organization is required for access to KIIS. Information can be obtained either directly by searching on the KIIS website or indirectly by submitting a written request to the KoNECT Collaboration Center. Searchable fields using KIIS are;

- Industry Information
- Clinical Trial Portal
- Clinical Trial Site Information
- Investigator Information
- KoNECT Partners

KIIS is designed to evolve through interactive feedback in order to better serve our users.

One-Stop Shop for clinical trial planning in Korea

The KoNECT Collaboration Center provides a variety of services including customized information and business matching services to help facilitate the smooth planning and conduct of clinical trials in Korea.

Through the One-Stop Shop service, we provide support to sponsors, including those with experience in the Korean clinical trial industry, as well as potential sponsors who are conducting clinical trials in Korea and the Asia region for the first time. Services Provided by the KoNECT Collaboration Center includes,

- Overview of the Korean economy including healthcare and clinical trial industries
- Introduction to IND (Investigational New Drug) application and approval process, and related clinical trial regulations in of Korea
- Introduction to NDA (New Drug Approval) application and approval process, and related regulations
- Introduction to market access, including pricing and insurance policies
- Administrative support services for personnel visiting and staying in Korea

KCC also has the capacity to arrange meetings with companies and organizations listed as KoNECT Partners, in accordance with specific needs.

Business Center and Administrative Support

Leasing office space

- Affordable office rental fees
- Access to the One-Stop-Shop and KIIS (KoNECT Integrated Information System)
- Access to fully equipped meeting rooms with Polycom video-conferencing systems
- Support for meeting arrangements and active communication with potential Korean partners

Conference-ready fully equipped meeting rooms

KCC provides an open community platform for networking and business partnering among professionals in the clinical research field, both locally and internationally. To facilitate this goal, the Center leases meeting rooms for discussions on clinical trial-related issues. Three meeting rooms are available for on-line application to use, two of which (the Connect and Innovation Rooms) feature video conferencing facilities.

Korean Clinical Trial Interactive Gallery

Tours of the Korea Clinical Trial Interactive Gallery are available to visitors.

The exhibit details the development history, capabilities and experience of the Korean clinical trial industry. Visitors can also take virtual tours of the country’s major clinical trial centers.

The exhibition hall in the KoNECT Collaboration Center provides a rich learning experience using an informative, interactive, and individualized smart system.

The tour at the Korean Clinical Trial Interactive Gallery would normally be completed within 30 minutes, but will provide core information on the Korean clinical trial industry.

Liaison with Clinical Trial Networks

The KoNECT Collaboration Center aims to provide a number of services, including the provision of consultation for clinical trials plans in Korea as well as Asia. This will be particularly suited to global sponsors who are planning clinical trials for ethnic specificity or for drug development targeted at diseases with a high incidence in Asia, as well as those wishing to receive early approval for new drugs via regional cooperation. In order to achieve these goals, the Center will register and support a clinical trial-related professional network that includes investigators, CROs and pharmaceutical companies in Asia (including Japan), and act as a liaison to support partnering activities with global sponsors.

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