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The Korea National Enterprise for Clinical Trials (KoNECT) was established by the Korean government in 2007 to foster clinical research in the Republic of Korea. Originally focused on developing infrastructure for clinical trials in Korea, the decision was made to transform KoNECT into a new organization beyond its original mandate in April, 2014.

Our continuing mission is to promote the country's capabilities for clinical trials and the wider recognition of Korea as a hub for world-class clinical research. We are dedicated to building stronger collaboration between academia, government and industry, while ensuring that the right resources are in place for international partners seeking excellence in clinical trials. We believe that this can only be achieved with a favorable regulatory environment and proactive efforts which include training and certification programs for clinical trial professionals, as well as consolidation of the expertise and efforts between clinical trial centers, individual investigators, clinical trial-focused organizations, and industry partners including CROs.

Korea is home to a rapidly ageing society and has a very strong foundation for growth, with a 50 million-strong population covered by a single public healthcare system.

The new national initiatives currently underway include the Korea Clinical Trials Global Initiative (KCGI) and the KoNECT Collaboration Center, which are core components of a matrix of collaborative efforts seeking to engage national and international partners. The KCGI aims to secure and strengthen clinical trial capabilities by identifying and supporting the driving factors necessary for the establishment of early clinical trial capabilities and the conduct of complex clinical trials. The KCGI also strives to enhance competitiveness with time- and cost-saving measures through the development of new techniques for clinical research using hi-tech convergence technologies. Along with these national efforts, the mission of the KoNECT Collaboration Centers to create an unprecedented extensive clinical trial support system enabling sponsors of clinical trials to plan and seamlessly conduct clinical trials in Korea by providing a variety of services and systems.

In parallel, KoNECT's services for foreign clinical trial sponsors includes a one-stop shop providing comprehensive access to basic and essential information about Korea, business matching with selected local service providers, concierge services for smooth entry into the country, as well as a convenient business space and facilities including offices and conference rooms. The establishment of Asia-wide CT networks and the development of a national clinical trial integrated information system and database are also underway.

With significant investments in infrastructure, global quality standards and outstanding biomedical research professionals, Korea is establishing itself as an international leader in clinical trials. KoNECT is proud to play a critical role in this journey, and will continue to promote the advancement of clinical science and patient-centered research to ensure that all patients have faster access to innovative medicines. KoNECT is ready to collaborate with all industry, governments and academic partners who also share this vision.

Deborah Chee
President, KoNECT / MD, PhD

15F KPX, 137, Mapo-daero, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 04143, Korea TEL : +82-2-398-5043~4